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    Essence of China - 9 Days
    This specially compact arranged tour is to ensure your enjoyment and comfort while exploring China’s monumental world - renowned highlights. They are , among other things, imperial palaces, the awesome Great Wall in Beijing (the nation’s capital ) and the Terracotta Warriors in Xian which were made for the first emperor of unified China ( B. C. 221 ). And on the last leg of your trip you will as expected enjoy your stay in the vibrant and ultra-modern metropolitan city of Shanghai. “ The City on the sea. ”
    From East to West - China Tibet - 14 Days
    China’s Highlights - 13 Days
    From this Classic tour of the Middle Kingdom you will experience a great combination featuring both rich history and picturesque landscape, not only an ultra-modern mega-city of Shanghai but also some small charming cities such as Hangzhou and Wuzhen. In or around Guilin you will be amazed by both the landscape along the Li River and the rice terrace fields in Longsheng. After your visit to Guilin fly to northern China where you start your exploration of the former imperial capital city of Xian and the current capital city of Beijing.
    Yunnan Highlights - 16 Days
    Located in the Southwest of China , Yunnan province is not only endowed with natural beauty but also home to a huge population of different ethnic groups. They still preserve their cultural heritage and keep their own habitual lifestyle rarely found in other parts of the country.
    China Classic - 13 Days
    This China Tour offers you a tailor-made program to explore not only China’s best attractions featuring its splendid culture and rich history but also some of its scenic sites of Mother Nature. Many of such spots among China’s best attractions have been listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites and some of these are just here in Beijing. Such sites also include the Shaolin Temple in Luoyang, the world-renowned Terracotta Warriors in Xian and the picturesque West Lake in Hangzhou. You are sure to be amazed and inspired by both the stunning landscape along the Li River in Guilin and the ultra-modern cityscape of Shanghai.
    China - Yangtze - 13 Days
    Apart from those classic highlights you have explored in China , you will have a few days at your leisure to relax during your river cruise on the mighty Yangtze River. Before traveling inland, you may immediately soak yourself in a dynamic atmosphere that the ultra-modern metropolitan city of Shanghai is able to offer: During your 4 days on the river cruise you will certainly enjoy not only the stunning landscape of Mother Nature along the Yangtze River but also some other short-trips of interest along the way.After this memorable cruise you will continue to explore the world- renowned attractions that the former imperial capital city of Xian and the capital city of Beijing boast.
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